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Local Firearms Training Company Welcomes LGBT Community for Free Concealed Carry Classes

Guns For Everyone, a Colorado firearms training company that has been offering free concealed carry
classes to the public for 9 years, is hosting two classes aimed at inviting the LGBT community to get the
training they need in order to apply for their concealed handgun permit.

“I think it’s important that we send the message to everyone that the right to self defense is a universal
right, it doesn’t depend on who you are.” Says Edgar Antillon, co-founder of Guns For Everyone. “In
the nearly 10 years we’ve been doing our free classes, we’ve always made it clear that guns are tools
that should be available to everyone who wants to use them to defend themselves and their families.”

According to the Colorado Bureau of Investigations and information provided by firearm dealers across
the state, Colorado saw record numbers of gun purchases and new gun owners in Colorado in 2020.
Sales were spurred by fears and uncertainty around the major disruptions caused by government
response to Coronavirus as well as civil unrest around the country. Guns For Everyone and their
partner instructors have provided their free concealed carry classes throughout the pandemic to more
than 17,000 Coloradans in 2020.

“More guns and more gun owners means more training is needed. Every gun owner should be seeking
regular training and practice.” Says Isaac Chase, co-founder of Guns For Everyone. “We recognize that
some people feel excluded by traditional gun culture and don’t feel that the training they need is
accessible. We’re here to let everyone know that you are welcome, and you will be treated with
respect. This isn’t a political statement, this is about serving every Coloradan.”

Alicia Garcia is a local 2nd Amendment and LGBT advocate who is working with Guns For Everyone to
lead the event commented, “Having a class specifically designated to the LGBT community allows for a
safer, non judgmental learning environment where our LGBT community can feel free to be

The LGBT Classes will be offered on Tuesday, February 23rd in Thronton and on Wednesday, February
24th in Colorado Springs. People who are interested can find more information and register at

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